ONETech (now MicroAI) is the AI-driven automation platform for Plasma Computing Group in Dallas, TX. It delivers complex business processes for any industry, including Big Data storage and analytics, as well as connecting IoT devices. I worked across both companies to create a mobile application for managing assets in performance, productivity and reliability.

    Our process involved interviewing stakeholders and working with the business development team, who worked closely with the clients to understand their service needs. Using the library of components based on our platform that I created as a custom Sketch library, I could design clickable prototypes using Sketch & Invision to test userflows and information architecture and present to stakeholders for review. Upon approval, the designs were handed off to the engineering team for development and testing.

    I designed a variety of use cases, from real-time monitoring dashboards, automated workflows, to complex CRMs. Using this platform, we were able to create B2B tools for clients like AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Nutrien AG, Magna International and more.

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